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How To Choose The Accessories You Want Here

How To Choose The Accessories You Want Here

If you like out guide and content, we also have the accessories, hand picked by our editors for your to purchase. Go ahead now to have a look. We will throw in discounts and free shipping once in a while.

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How to Choose the Right Korean Jewelry or Accessories Online Malaysia

How to Choose the Right Korean Jewelry or Accessories Online Malaysia

Dressing up for work or a date in town is about far more than picking the right make up and wardrobe. You also want to accessorize correctly, which is more than just putting that necklace you been wearing for months and for all occasion. You want to pick the right jewellery and accessories that fit your personality, as well as your lifestyle.

We are fashion avid ourselves; we follow closely to the latest trends and design in the fashion industry. Whether you like it with the recent Korean or Japan accessories collection, we have it all sourced and constantly share you guide and tips.

BIG or Small?

Statement pieces can be colorful, bulky, or both. For some people, statement pieces may simply be far too bold. For others, they can be the perfect conversation piece. You don’t want a huge piece of jewelry to take away attention from other stylish things in your look though, and you also don’t want it to draw attention to certain parts.

A big piece can bring attention to the area where it is placed, but you also don’t want it to clash with your outfit. It helps to know the color wheel, so you know what colors will go well together, even if you are going for contrasting looks.

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They are different varieties of necklaces:-

  • Chokers
  • Bib Necklaces
  • Multi Layered Chain Necklace
  • Pendant Necklaces
  • Tassel Necklace

They come in short or long length and we have different pictures to show you. Our favorites are always the Korean and Japanese pieces which are simple yet chic!

Chaeyoung_Korean Jewelry Online Malaysia   Suzy_Korean Jewelry Online Malaysia


We strongly believe a well-designed bracelet can help impress without over spending. A well designed bracelets make bold statements on your personality, with the power to tell your own story through beautifully arranged accessories. They make the perfect companion for different outfits.


Discover endless possibilities with fashion rings and accessories tips online here. Rings can bring life back to your hands with their dazzling designs, complementing your wear for various occasions. Example of some of the trending Korean Rings that we absolutely LOVE!



Earrings are amazing to go with different dresses to spice up your charm and persona, and shouts a style statement wherever you go. Korean earrings and fashion accessories are very reliable and premium quality. Choose from latest & stylish earrings including danglers, drops, and hoops, cuffs & studs earrings.

If you are interested to purchase affordable & fashionable earrings, visit FashionablyShermaine Instagram Shop to find out more. FashionablyShermaine is our sister site that stocks all carefully chosen Korean Jewelry that you may love. They are currently throwing in Free Shipping.

If you want to know the tips to how to keep your accessories from fading fast, visit How to Keep Accessories From Fading & Tarnishing to find out more…

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